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Formosa Black Pearl Tropical Hibiscus

By: :Janna Matkovski 9 comments
Formosa Black Pearl Tropical Hibiscus

We just added to our hibiscus collection rare black cultivar 'Formosa Black Pearl'. Flower size is about 5-6 inches, double flower.

Origin: Taiwan

Color: dark purple, almost black. We noticed that blue, purple hibiscuses perform better at cooler climate. The colors are more bright and vibrant at cooler weather.

comments ( 9 )

Pat Fletcher
Mar 15, 2023
Do you sell the Black Pearl hibiscus? If so how much
Mar 15, 2023

I would love to be put on the list for whenever this Formosa Black Pearl hibiscus plant available for sale please !

Amjad Durrani
Mar 15, 2023

Do you ship to Dubai UAE?

Mar 15, 2023

Where can I buy the Hibiscus Black Pearl ?

Benoit Pommerenke
Mar 15, 2023

I want to buy it!

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