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ORGANIC Dried Red Rose Petals - 1 ounce (approx. 2.75 cups) Rosa Centifolia


Organic Dried Red Rose Petals. Rosa Centifolia. You will get 1 oz of dried red rose petals. 1 oz of dried rose petals equals approx 2.75 of cups. • Rose water is an effective astringent that reduces swelling of capillaries beneath the skin. • Rose petal tea is efficient in cleansing the gall bladder and liver, and it helps improve...

Cornflowers - Whole, Loose & Dried - 1 ounce


1 ounce of dried whole cornflowers is approximately 2 cups of whole flowers. The flowers of this herb are rich in mineral salts and contain a bitter ingredient known as pectin. It is rich in calcium that is essential for the development and maintenance of bones. Cornflower also contains components like anthocyanins and flavonoids, which contribute greatly to its medicinal value. Being...

Pink Rose Buds & Petals, Whole 1 oz approx. 1 cup Rosa Centifolia


Dried Whole Pink Rose Buds & Petals. Rosa Centifolia. You will get 1 oz of dried rose buds & petals approx. 1 cup. Dried rose flowers For external use only! • Rose water is an effective astringent that reduces swelling of capillaries beneath the skin. • Rose petals are an important ingredient in eye washes as well, as it is...

ORGANIC Hibiscus Flower Petals Whole, Dried, Loose - 2 oz, Hibiscus sabdariffa


Organic Hibiscus Flower Petals Whole, Dried, Loose - 2 oz, Hibiscus sabdariffa. You will receive 2 oz of dried hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus tea is an herbal tea with many health benefits. The hibiscus flower contains the calyx, which protects and supports the hibiscus plant and is responsible for those health benefits. Hibiscus tea consists of dried calyces, which are steeped...

Blue Lavender Flower Buds, Whole 1 ounce (approx. 1 cup) Ultra Blue Dried Lavandula angustifolia


Ultra-Blue Dried Lavender Flower Buds, whole 1 oz. Lavandula angustifolia. You will get 1 oz (approx. 1 cup) of dried, loose, whole lavender flowers. 100% raw, non-gmo, gluten free, organic. Some of the most important health benefits of lavender include its ability to relieve stress, improve mood, promote restful sleep, reduce inflammation, lower skin irritation, prevent infections, eliminate dandruff, and...

ORGANIC, Raw Dandelion Root Loose Dried - 2 ounces Taraxacum Officinale cut and sifted


Organic Raw Dandelion Loose Root Dried. You will receive 2 oz of raw loose cut root. Taraxacum Officinale Dandelion tea can help you reduce your caloric intake and lose weight, especially if you drink it in place of higher-calorie beverages such as juice or soda. The diuretic properties of dandelion may even cause water weight loss. Enter dandelion root tea,...

ORGANIC Star Anise, Whole, Dried, Loose - 2 ounces, Illicium verum


Organic Star Anise, Whole, Dried, Loose. Illicium verum. You will get 2 oz of dried Star Anise. Anise Star, which is also known as Chinese anise and Illicium verum, is an extremely popular spice for deserts and baking. Europeans use Anise Star in cakes, cookies, and sweet breads. In the Middle East and India, it is used in soups and...

ORGANIC Red Raspberry Leaf cut & sifted, Dried, Loose 1 ounce, Rubus Idaeus


Organic Red Raspberry Leaf Dried, Loose, Cut & Sifted. You will receive 1 oz of dried leaf. Rubus Edaeus Raspberry leaf is rich in in potassium (441 ppm), calcium (121 ppm) and magnesium (93 ppm), it is also rich in all important trace minerals such as manganese (.52 ppm), zinc (.35 ppm), iron (.04 ppm) and chromium (.02 ppm). (ppm=parts...

ORGANIC Peppermint Leaf, Dried, 1 ounce Cut & Sifted


Organic Dried Peppermint Leaf. You will get 1 oz of dried leaves. Why might you want to add peppermint to your natural medicine chest? Here are valuable uses for this therapeutic plant. 1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Peppermint oil capsules have been described as "the drug of first choice" in IBS patients, as it safely helps alleviate symptoms and improve...

ORGANIC Meadowsweet Herb Dried, Loose - 1 ounce cut & sifted herb. Filipendula ulmaria


Organic Meadowsweet herb dried, loose, cut & sifted. You will receive 1 oz of dried herb. Filipendula ulmaria. Meadowsweet health benefits includes reversing free radical damage, acting as a sweat inducer, enhancing the skin, preventing premature skin aging, help cures cold, promoting digestive health and protecting the stomach and intestines. Other benefits include fighting inflammation, managing blood pressure, fighting bacterial...

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