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Colocasia 'Pharaoh's Mask' - 4" pot


This Colocasia is a rare and unique hybrid. This is a gorgeous addition to a tropical style landscape. Its enormous size makes it an eye-catching centerpiece. It grows to be 4-5 feet tall. The stems are dark black, and each leaf is dark green with a nice reflective sheen. The veins stand out from the leaf giving it a 3D...

White Bird of Paradise Plant - Strelitzia - Live plant potted with soil in a 5" tall pot


***WE DO NOT SHIP LIVE PLANTS TO CALIFORNIA*** You will receive one live White Bird of Paradise Plant potted with soil in a 5" tall. pot, Strelitzia Bird of Paradise Growing Instructions: Outdoors, grow white bird of paradise in sun or shade; Indoors, they do best in medium or bright conditions. Water your bird of paradise regularly. Once established, they hold...

Philodendron 'McColley's Finale' - 3.5" pot


Watch the leaves emerge from a deep orange, into a reddish bronze and finally deep green. McColley's Finale is perfect for smaller spaces as the plant doesn’t tend to grow past 2-3 feet. This plant is easy to care for, medium to low light will do, and watering when the top inch is dry. This is great air purifying plant,...

Monstera Adansonii - 3" pot


Our favorite holy plant. But also swiss cheese makes a great grilled cheese… are we talking about the same thing? Regardless this plant is one you need if you need some holiness in your life. Its perfect if you want a fast growing, vining plant that’ll add some cover and filling to your plants. Its used to growing under shade...

Ficus Umbellata - 3" pot


The Ficus Umbellata is the cute cousin of the Fiddle leaf fig (its okay, you’re allowed to think its cute). It grows large, heart shaped leaves with thin stems. It's fairly easy to care for, and can grow large in proper conditions. Go on, say hi!!! ✿✿✿ PLEASE READ ✿✿✿ ★★★ SORRY CALIFORNIA, WE CANNOT SHIP LIVE PLANTS TO YOU FOR THE TIME...

Philodendron 'Birkin' - 4" pot


The Birkin is a must-have for your Philodendron collection! Its leaves have creamy, white stripes that look like they've been painted on. Since it is a hybrid, it will be a smaller plant and a slow grower, making it good for smaller spaces. It’s fairly easy to care for, making it great for beginners. ★★★ SORRY CALIFORNIA, WE CANNOT SHIP LIVE PLANTS...

Tropical Hibiscus 'Crown Jellyfish' Hybrid - 4" pot


This hibiscus changes colors like a tropical sunset. It blooms large, double flowers that start out purple, orange, yellow, and red and then fade into lighter shades like lavender and muted yellow. This hibiscus is perfect addition to your tropical slice of paradise. ★★★ SORRY CALIFORNIA, WE CANNOT SHIP LIVE PLANTS TO YOU FOR THE TIME BEING ★★★ PLANTS ARE NOT PERFECT! While we...

Philodendron 'Imperial Green' - 4" pot


The imperial green philodendron. What can I say? This philodendron is simply so green and tropical. The leaves shine with the glossiest shade of jungle and its blooms contrast the leaves so beautifully (once the plant reaches maturity). If you're looking for a plant that adds a drastic pop of green to your space, this is the one. ✿✿✿ PLEASE...

Philodendron 'Congo' - 4" pot


The Philodendron Congo is another one you're going to want to complete your indoor jungle. Its dark green leaves contrast its deep, reddish, burgundy under-leaf and stems. Its leaves have a glorious shine, just like the imperial green. It is quite easy to care for, just some bright indirect light and proper watering and you'll have a large, lush, deep...

Monstera Deliciosa - 3" pot


You can grow a monstera just about anywhere in your home. It can tolerate low light, but grows faster and becomes more dramatic in a bright spot. Some direct sun can be beneficial. As it matures, it will begin to split more and more. It's generally a quick grower when it's happy. One of the most attractive and dramatic house...

Maranta leuconeura 'Red Prayer Plant' - 3"pot


This plant is named the prayer plant due to its leaves moving with the daylight. In the morning the leaves are down, and as the day goes on the leaves move up. If you ever have the time, make a time lapse of it… quite awesome. The red maranta has red veins instead of the white which make a beautiful...

Gold Pothos - 3.5" pot


A good ol’ Pothos is a must have plant for any plant owner. It is extremely easy to care for and is great if you want a plant that'll climb and vine while cleaning the air. It's a great filler plant for anywhere you have extra space. It will survive in lower light but will grow very quickly in good lighting....

Ficus Elastica 'Burgundy' Rubber plant - 3" pot


One of the most popular houseplants with great reason to be. With its dark, glossy leaves and its low maintenance requirements, it makes a perfect focal point for the house. You can choose to keep it medium sized, or have it grow to be a larger tree by bringing it outdoors in the summer or repotting it into a larger...

Ficus Audrey (Ficus Benghalensis) - 3" pot


The Ficus Audrey has become on of the most popular house plants over the years, becoming just as popular as the Fiddle Fig. It is another low maintenance plant that looks more "tree-like", making it easily a main focal point in a room. ✿✿✿ PLEASE READ ✿✿✿ ★★★ SORRY CALIFORNIA, WE CANNOT SHIP LIVE PLANTS TO YOU FOR THE TIME BEING ★★★ PLANTS ARE...

Calathea Makoyana 'Peacock' - 3" pot


This is one you definitely want to add to your calathea collection. Its dark green leaves have striking details and lines when you look closely. This plant is native to the rainforests of Brazil so it will require high humidity, warm temperatures, and preferably rainwater or distilled water. ✿✿✿ PLEASE READ ✿✿✿ ★★★ SORRY CALIFORNIA, WE CANNOT SHIP LIVE PLANTS TO YOU...

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