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72 hours heat pack for live plants by UniHeat, ONLY SHIPS WITH PLANT ORDER

72 hours heat pack for live plants by UniHeat, ONLY SHIPS WITH PLANT ORDER

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72 Hour Heat Pack For Shipping Plants Only from our SHOP. If you live in a place where your temperature is below 40 F you'll want to add a heat pack to your order to protect your plants from freezing. These are 72 hour time-released heat packs that we will add to the package your plants are in to assure the warmest, safest transit possible. This is a great product to add to your order if you live in a climate that is 40 F and below during the day.

Please note we are not responsible for your plants arriving frozen. These are live plants so I do not recommend purchasing during the winter months if you live in a colder climate. Free shipping with plant purchase. Please let us know if you any questions about the shipping plants.

72 Hour heat pack to ensure safe delivery of plants in cold weather, by UniHeat. Recommended for all cold weather shipping from November through March. No claims for freeze damage will be honored if heat pack is not purchased with order. Orders will not ship when temperatures are forecast below freezing if a heat pack is not purchased.

We highly recommend purchasing a heat pack if temperatures in your area are expected to drop below 50F. We also advise making arrangements to be home to receive the plants if the weather is freezing or you can have the package held at your local Post Office until you can pick it up. Packages containing plants left in mail boxes or on porches during freezing weather can still be adversely affected even with a heat pack included.

We can not guarantee that your plant will arrive healthy in colder months unless a heat pack is added.

Environmentally safe, disposable, and inner contents are biodegradable.

This item is not for sale singularly. PLEASE NOTE: This item MUST be purchased in conjunction with a plant order.

HEAT PACKS ARE NOT SOLD ALONE. If you order this item without plants your order will be canceled.

It is the CUSTOMERS responsibility to consider temperatures when placing your order. If you place an order and choose NOT to purchase a heat pack during cold weather, YOU are accepting full responsibility for any damage your plants may receive during transit.

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