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'Mr. Sandman' - Herbal Sleep Aid Tea Blend - 3 ounce bag

'Mr. Sandman' - Herbal Sleep Aid Tea Blend - 3 ounce bag

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As you take a sip of this tea, you feel the soothing effects as it gently lulls you into a peaceful slumber. Your mind begins to quiet, and you sink deeper into the comfort of your bed. The warmth of the tea and the calming aroma of the herbs work together to ease any tension in your body and help you drift off into a restful sleep.

Our Mr. Sandman tea has been blended specifically to promote better sleep. You will receive 3 ounces of our relaxing, sleep-inducing blend will help you unwind and doze off. The ritual of making a cup of tea before bedtime gives you a chance to wrap up the day and affirm a good night's sleep so you'll be ready for whatever tomorrow may bring.

Sleep Aid Herbal Tea Blend Ingredients: Kava-kava root, Passiflora, Chamomile flowers, Lemon Verbana, Oatstraw, Rosehips, Spearmint, and love!

* Caffeine free! (of course)

* Please research all herbs & herbal products thoroughly before use.

* These statements are not approved by FDA.

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