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Kava Kava Root Loose, Dried, Cut & Sifted - 1 ounces, Piper Methysticum


Kava Kava Root Loose, Dried, Cut & Sifted. Piper Methysticum. You will receive 1 oz of dried, loose root.

Health Benefits of Kava Kava Root:

Overview of Kava Health Benefits:
There are many benefits of kava; this natural herb has a history of relieving tension and everyday stress. There are not many side effects and helps to promote relaxation naturally. However, there are many unexpected kava health benefits as well that are less known. Here are 9 health benefits that you may not have known:
Helps with addiction
Can boost the immune system
Helps promote sleep
Flavokavains can help fight negative cells
Increases awareness
Boosts dopamine and GABA chemicals
Reduces inflammation
Acts as a diuretic
Relieves aches

Boosts Immune System:
Flavokawains extracts have been found to possess potential anti-inflammation properties. One study hoped to find agents that can enhance the functionality of the immune system without disturbing the homeostatic balance while determining the toxicity and immunomodulatory effects of flavokawain A and flavokawain B, agents found in kava root, on mice. Based on the results, all mice were observed normal after the treatment period, and it seemed as though it did not cause any toxicity. Thus, kava root may be an immune system booster for humans in a similar way it is for mice.

Reduces Anxiety:
Generalized anxiety disorder is a chronic and pervasive condition that generates high levels of psychological stress and is typically difficult to treat long term. Some studies claim that kava root is a nonaddictive and a non-hypnotic anxiolytic with the potential to treat anxiety. 

Promotes Better Sleep:
Kava first became popular in the 1990s as an herbal remedy for people who can’t sleep and have anxiety. We know that sleep is a big problem for about 50 percent of the population at some point in their lifetimes. Plant-based remedies are becoming more and more desired to help treat sleep disorders and general insomnia, including kava root. In a study conduct at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, six commonly used plant-based sleep therapeutics were investigated to include caffeine, chamomile, cherries, kava kava, L-tryptophan, marijuana and valerian root. Though no mind-blowing results were reported, kava and kava drinks have been known to provide sedative effects.

Improves Memory:
Kava gives those who use it mental awareness and open mind while calming the body at the same time. This can happen because kava works on the parts of the brain such as the amygdala and the hippocampus.

Helps You Handle Hot Flashes:
Women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms can have mood swings and unwelcomed sweating at inappropriate times. These hot flashes can even occur in the middle of the night while you are sleeping. Kava works with GABA chemicals in the brain and body. It also boosts dopamine chemicals. This means you are better able to handle negative, body changes that can happen. Changes through menopause or through hormonal issues are more easily tolerated when you use kava. These two parts of the brain make it possible for us to encode messages, store them in either short-term or long-term memory, and retrieve them when needed.

Anti-inflammatoryand antiseptic:
Kava tea can be useful if you have a toothache or sore throat. This tea may assist in addressing urinary tract infections, cystitis, urethritis, urinary frequency and bladder irritability too.

A study conducted at the University of Auckland’s School of Population Health in New Zealand reviewed the published literature examining the association between kava use and motor vehicle crashes, related injuries or driving performance. However, no studies quantifying the effects of kava while operating a motor vehicle or related injury were located.

Four experimental studies using computer-based driving simulation examined the effects of pharmacological doses of kavalactones on cognitive and visuomotor performance, finding weak evidence of a slowed reaction time. However, one study found the visuomotor performance on driving simulation to be significantly impaired when kava was consumed with alcohol.

Drug interactions:
Kava kava interacts with alcohol. Consuming alcohol while taking kava could increase a person's risk of liver damage. Kava kava can also interact with several other drugs, such as benzodiazepines and anti-depressants. For this reason, it is important to consult a doctor before making the decision to take kava kava.
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* Please research all herbs, herbal products thoroughly before use.
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