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LIVE Rare 'Manjula' Pothos - Live plant potted in soil in 3" or 4" tall pot


You will receive one LIVE 'Manjula' Pothos, potted with soil in 4" pot. Plant height approx. 8" Tall

The Manjula pothos is a beautiful pothos with multiple shades of green and white variegation.

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NOTE: For the live plants orders we ship on Monday - Wednesday only to prevent the live plants from sitting over the weekend before delivery.

Shipping notes: Because your plant has been in a box without sunlight for a few days in shipping, it might decide to yellow and drop few leaves when it first arrives. This is normal. (If it loses all leaves, this is not normal and you should contact us.) Adjust your plant to the light very slow, don't put it on bright sun right away, wait for about 5 days.

********* Cold Weather Shipping **********
If the temperature in your region is below freezing please don't order live plants and wait for better weather. When the winter begins we start using USPS Priority Mail for all standard shipping because the priority mail travels mostly by air and the post office never leaves its packages in trucks outside overnight. Between careful monitoring of the weather and the priority mail service we have had very good success. However, sometime packages do freeze... please contact us immediately if you have a problem. When the day-time temperature falls close to freezing in your state we can no longer ship safely using priority mail.

Grown and available all year from sunny North Florida, without the use of pesticides.

No international shipping for live plants.