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Tropical Hibiscus 'Big Easy' - 5" pot

Tropical Hibiscus 'Big Easy' - 5" pot

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This tropical hibiscus 'Big Easy' will ship in a 5" tall pot, plant height will vary (see photos). It can vary in color with shades orange, yellow, red, burgundy, pinkish colors

The colors of tropical hibiscus flowers can vary according to temperature. The colors often weaken in cooler weather. As with any plant, the size and coloration of the flower is influenced by the health of the plant. Hibiscus flowers can change colors from day 1 to day 2, depending on the variety. 

Please note: We do not ship the plant with blooms! The flowers will only bloom if the plant is cared for properly! This is a fancy hibiscus, which is different from cheaper tropical hibiscuses that are usually sold. Fancy hibiscuses usually have larger flowers with elaborately ruffled petals, frequently have color patterns, and are not as easy to grow as the cheaper hibiscuses. Tropical hibiscuses require specific soil, climate, fertilizer and care to bloom their beautiful blooms. Please be aware it is your responsibility to know how to care for these beautiful flowers. 

We are not responsible for the health and well-being of the plants after they have been sold and are no longer in our control. The buyer assumes the responsibility of caring for the plants and ensuring their proper growth and blooming.



PLANTS ARE NOT PERFECT! While we try our best to make sure every plant looks amazing, it is possible that a small burn spot or tiny hole may be present. We do grow our plants organically and some are grown outside, so it’s possible for nature to make a small imperfection.

PLEASE NOTE: For live plant orders, we only ship Monday through Wednesday to prevent plants from sitting over the weekend. We want your plants to arrive alive!

Shipping notes: Because your plant has been in a box without sunlight for a few days during shipping, it may be slightly yellow or drop a few leaves when it first arrives. This is normal. (If it loses all its leaves, this is usually not normal and you should contact us.) Adjust your plant to the light slowly, NEVER put it in the bright sun right away, as it can shock the plant and cause it to die.

❄❄❄ Cold Weather Shipping ❄❄❄

If the temperature in your region is below freezing we recommend (and prefer) you wait for better weather. You can purchase a heat pack, but please be aware that there are no guarantees of the plant not freezing. We recommend purchasing when the weather in your region is comfortable enough for the plant to arrive safely. During winter, we only use USPS Priority Mail for all standard shipping because priority mail travels mainly by air, and the post office does not leave packages in trucks outside overnight. Between careful monitoring of the weather and priority mail, we have been able to provide our customers plants year round with few issues. If the day-time temperature falls close to freezing in your state, we can no longer safely ship using priority mail.

No international shipping for live plants.

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