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Tropical Hibiscus 'Big Easy' Hybrid Hibiscus rosa-sinensis in 5 inches pot



Live Tropical Hibiscus 'Big Easy' plant in a container with soil, potted. Orange, yellow, red, burgundy, pinkish colors. Colors change in a different environment. Flowers are big about 9 inches. Container size 5 inches tall. Live tropical hibiscus plant can be used as a house plant. It likes lots of sun, but not the hot burning sun. Great for holiday gifts!

The colors of tropical hibiscus flowers can vary according to temperature. The colors often weaken in cooler weather. As with any plant, the size and coloration of the flower is influenced by the health of the plant. Hibiscus flower can change colors from day 1 to day 2, depends on varieties. This is a fancy hibiscus, different from the cheap tropical hibiscus that are usually sold. Fancy hibiscus usually have larger flowers with elaborately ruffled petals, frequently have unusual color patterns, and are not easy to grow as the cheaper hibiscus.


NOTE: For the live plants orders we ship on Monday - Wednesday only to prevent the live plants from sitting over the weekend before delivery.

Shipping notes: Because your plant has been in a box without sunlight for a few days in shipping, it might decide to yellow and drop few leaves when it first arrives. This is normal. (If it loses all leaves, this is not normal, and you should contact us.) Adjust your plant to the light very slow, don't put it on bright sun right away, wait for about 5 days.

Grown and available all year from sunny North Florida, without the use of pesticides.