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'Love Potion' - Herbal Tea Blend - 3 ounce bag

'Love Potion' - Herbal Tea Blend - 3 ounce bag

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The candles are shimmering, there's some soft music playing in the background, and romance is in the air. After the gourmet dinner, you slip into something more comfortable - in this case, the kitchen - and return with, what else, a love potion. Serve in a beautiful teapot and cups. Create mood from within. What have you got to loose!

You will receive 3 ounces of stimulant free, herbal tea that is made to enhance libido, enhance mood, increase circulation, and arouse sexual desire. This potion has beautiful color and exotic flavor.

This tea blend includes: Horny goat weed, damiana, spearmint, peppermint, rose petals/buds, ginger, hawthorn berries, ashwagandha root, cinnamon granules, and love!

* Caffeine free!

* Please research all herbs & herbal products thoroughly before use.

* These statements are not approved by FDA.

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