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ORGANIC Alfalfa Leaf, Dried, Loose. 1 oz Cut & Sifted (approx. 1.5 cup). Medicago Sativa.


Organic Alfalfa Leaf, Dried, Loose. 1 oz (approx. 1.5 cup) Cut & Sifted. Medicago Sativa.

Health Benefits of Organic Alfalfa Leaf:

Alfalfa has been used and appreciated all over the world for centuries. A comprehensive list of its benefits would be very long, but common benefits attributed to alfalfa include:

Detoxes the urinary tract
Purifies the blood and liver
Has a strong alkaline effect on the body
Promotes bowel movement regularity and healthy hydration
Eases general digestive problems
Contains high levels of enzymes for food digestion and assimilation
Lowers bad cholesterol, and reduces incidence of atherosclerotic plaque
Supports healthy blood sugar levels, especially when taken with manganese
Supports the pituitary gland

* These statements are not approved by FDA.
* Always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any nutritional program.
* Please research all herbs, herbal products thoroughly before use.
* SunSoul Creations is not responsible for any adverse reactions.

Do not take any herbal supplements without first talking with your healthcare provider.