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Allspice Whole Berries - ORGANIC - 2 ounces

Allspice Whole Berries - ORGANIC - 2 ounces

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Allspice is used both in cooking and in baking. Whole allspice berries can be added to meat such as beef or lamb, as you would slivers of garlic or whole cloves. Ground allspice is used to season meat, soup, stew, vegetables, and baked goods as you would use ground nutmeg, cinnamon, or cloves. It will usually be added at the beginning of cooking or baking.

Each quantity is 2 ounces of ORGANIC dried & loose whole allspice berries.

This herb is sold in 2 ounce increments. For example, if you'd like 4 ounces, please add 2 quantities to your cart.

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