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ORGANIC Burdock Root Loose, Dried, Cut & Sifted. 2 oz approx. 3/4 cup, Arctium Lappa


Organic Burdock Root Loose, Dried, Cut & Sifted. Arctium lappa. You will receive 2 oz approx. 3/4 cup of organic, dried, loose root.

The benefits of burdock root are wide-ranging and sure to impress. Here are some of the top ways it can seriously improve your health.

1. Blood Purifier
2. Lymphatic System Strengthener
3. Natural Diuretic
4. Skin Healer
5. Defend Against Diabetes
6. Improves Arthritis
7. Helps Treat an Enlarged Spleen
8. Fight Tonsillitis

* These statements are not approved by FDA.
* Always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any nutritional program.
* Please research all herbs, herbal products thoroughly before use.
* SunSoul Creations is not responsible for any adverse reactions.

Do not take any herbal supplements without first talking with your healthcare provider.