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ORGANIC Life Everlasting Flowers, Helichrysum Flowers, Dried, Loose - 1 ounce, Helichrysum stoechas, Immortelle


Organic Life Everlasting Flowers, Helichrysum Flowers, Dried, Loose - 1 ounce Helichrysum stoechas, Immortelle, Everlasting You will receive 1 oz of dried helichrysum flowers. Organic Life Everlasting Flower.

Helichrysum, Immortal & Everlasting

Helichrysum Flowers Health Benefits:

In aromatherapy, helichrysum is thought to open the heart and help soothe old emotional wounds. The scent is also said to help one feel secure and safe.

Like most plants and flowers, helichrysum has long been used as a natural remedy for certain health conditions. It was used in tea to treat respiratory conditions and to soothe bronchitis and coughing. Listed as non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing, it also has a reputation for being an effective pain reliever because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Helichrysum is also known as a detoxifier, supporting the liver in getting rid of waste in the body.

The Romans used it to treat word cuts, and was also used traditionally in the Mediterranean to treat colds and chest ailments. Used as a strewing herb in the Middle Ages, it was also used in folk healing for skin conditions and healing scars. In Africa it has a traditional use of treating rheumatism, since it is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, and was known as Geelsewejaartjie which translates roughly to “flowers that last seven years in the house.” It is also said it is one of the herbs used by Moses to help protect the Israelites from the plagues in the Old Testament.

This is a plant you can class with lavender and chamomile, generally gentle on the skin, and good for the skin, as well as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-spasmodic properties. It also rivals arnica for its treatment of bruises, and is a great antiseptic. Chemically it contains a lot of neat stuff, one of the reasons it is so good to have around all the time.

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