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ORGANIC Mugwort Herb - 1 ounce Cut & Sifted dried herb, Artemisia vulgaris


Organic Mugwort Herb - 1 oz Cut & Sifted, Artemisia vulgaris. You will get 1 oz of dried, loose herb.

Common names: Cronewort, Common Wormwood, Wild Wormwood, Felon Herb, St. John's Plant, Chrysanthemum Weed, Sailor's Tobacco, Moxa, Artemis Herb, Naughty Man, Old Man, Old Uncle Henry, Muggons

Possible health benefits of mugwort herb:

Arthritis/Joint Pain:
The aforementioned procedure of moxibustion can also be employed in the relief of certain kinds of arthritis and joint pain. In a study conducted by the “New Zealand Medical Journal”, this Ancient Chinese technique was tested on 110 patients with osteoarthritis. Half were given the moxibustion treatment whilst the other half received a placebo. The results show that there was a 51% reduction in pain for the group who received the moxibustion treatment, with only a 24% reduction in the placebo group. Knee function also increased by 51% in the moxibustion group and only increased by 13% in the placebo group. Whilst these effects were not necessarily permanent, the results are promising, with more study required of Mugwort and this technique in the provision of an alternative treatment for arthritis.

Mugwort is a uterine tonic and an emmenagogue (a substance that stimulates or increases menstrual flow). The uterus depends on healthy circulation to the pelvic region and strong uterine muscles to function properly. A toned uterus that is receiving good blood circulation allows for healthy monthly periods. Before using this herb to stimulate monthly menses it is advised that a pregnancy test is done first as this powerful herb can cause miscarriages and is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

Digestive Health:
Mugwort is choleretic – a substance that increases the volume of secretion of bile from the liver, helping to transport and release toxins whilst providing great benefit to the digestive system. It is also a chologogue – a substance that stimulates the flow of bile from the liver, differing slightly from a cholerectic which increases the volume. The secretion of bile is of great help to the whole digestive and assimilative process, and as we are what we eat – we are what we digest. The role of bile is primarily that of facilitating fat digestion, but also being a natural laxative it is thus cleansing to the system.

Mugwort is also known as a bitter digestive that can relieve stomach acidity, dyspepsia, travel sickness and acute bowel and stomach pain.

Flavoring Beers of the Past and the Present:
Most beer brewers use hops, or Humulus lupulus, to make their beer. But about 1,000 years ago, medieval brewers were using an alternate concoction of herbs called gruit, which included mugwort as one of the main ingredients. In fact, the English have a slightly different memory how the name “mugwort” came about than the ancient Greeks or Chinese. Because the gruit beer was served and enjoyed in a mug, the herb is said to have gotten its name because of that obvious connection. The flowers are dried and boiled with other herbs to make a version of a herbal tea, then added to the liquid to create the flavor of the brew. Some say that the herbal mixture results in a sour flavor. Like so many trends, this medieval trend of brewing beer has actually made a comeback. Certain popular breweries are creating gruit blends, including New Belgium, Dogfish Head, and gobs of other microbreweries around the world. There are even lots of recipes for brewing your own gruit beer.

Typical Use:
Mugwort leaves can be made into a tea by infusing the leaves in boiling water for 10 minutes. Suggested dosage: Tea: Use 1-3 teaspoon of the leaves to 1 cup of boiling water. Infuse for 10-15 minutes then strain. Drink up to 3 times per day.

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